Visiting Archives Abroad

Professional genealogist Luana Darby, AG recently shared her tips for doing research in archives in Europe. She shared helpful tips that will increase your success, as well as some tools she uses like this collapsible, lightweight table to rest your laptop on in those archives that have no room. The Tabletote weighs less than 4lbs. … Continue reading Visiting Archives Abroad

Got Laundry?

Professional genealogist Luana Darby, AG is a frequent traveler to Europe where she scours all the archives and libraries for her clients. We knew that she would be the perfect person to ask about her tips on what to do with the dirty laundry. Luana likes to pack light, with just a rolling, carry-on bag … Continue reading Got Laundry?

Shampoo, Moovit & Other Travel Tips

Our guest, professional genealogist Luana Darby, AG  likes to travel very light when researching abroad, with just a single rolling bag and a backpack. Since space is a premium she likes to use these shampoo bar and lotion sticks. Not only are they small and light, but there is no chance of spillage. Lotion Stick which she … Continue reading Shampoo, Moovit & Other Travel Tips

Avoid this major travel mistake

Yikes? What could it be? Recently Valerie interviewed's Chief Genealogy Officer, Daniel Horowitz, where you heard about Daniel's "secret compartments" while packing. If you missed that episode, click here. In this episode, Daniel, who travels around the world about six months of the year, shares more of his best travel tips, including a major … Continue reading Avoid this major travel mistake

Speaker Spotlight: Sylvia Valentine& Workhouses

In this first of several interviews, Sylvia Valentine shares a tidbit of information about workhouses in the 19th century. She knows Valerie's ancestors were housed in a workhouse, and that some touring will come into play as she visits England. THE Genealogy Show is the 7 & 8th of June 2019 at the NEC National … Continue reading Speaker Spotlight: Sylvia Valentine& Workhouses

Spotlight: Lisa Louise Cooke

Valerie & Myrt managed to catch up with world-traveling genealogist extraordinaire Lisa Louise Cooke to discover her favorite travel tip. It's all about nesting. Lisa will also be presenting at The Genealogy Show with Valerie and Myrt. Genealogy Gems THE Genealogy Show 7-8 June 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham, England Lisa's … Continue reading Spotlight: Lisa Louise Cooke

Spotlight: The Photo Alchemist Competition

The Photo Alchemist and THE Genealogy Show are combining forces to sponsor a competition. Here's the scoop: Submit favorite photos in the category: portrait, couples shot, group shot State 2019 THE Genealogy Show ticket reference number in email. Submit to Deadline 8 April 2019. 15-18 April 2019 - Best five photographs released Monday through … Continue reading Spotlight: The Photo Alchemist Competition

Secret Compartments & Other Travel Tips

Valerie meets with with Daniel Horowitz, Genealogy Expert for The goal? Discover his *best* travel tips, though she was a little surprised about Daniel's clever "secret compartments" idea. WOW. MyHeritage MyHeritage DNA test sale (autosomal) mentioned in the video   Valerie & Myrt's YouTube CHANNEL: You'll also find us on FACEBOOK … Continue reading Secret Compartments & Other Travel Tips

WiFi in Europe

  Valerie and Myrt want to upload videos, pics and blog posts while traveling to England for THE Genealogy Show. Myrt suggests SkyRoam and their Solis mobile hotspot device where you have secure (password protected) access to internet AND no need to change SIM cards as you travel from country to country. SkyRoam SkyRoam … Continue reading WiFi in Europe

Valerie is speaking at #RootsTech 2019

Many know of my partner in "Excellent Genealogy Adventures" Valerie Elkins from her blogging and posting on social media about family history, but did you know that she worked for years as an International Research Consultant at the Family History Library, has her own research company and has served on numerous genealogy boards, like the Association … Continue reading Valerie is speaking at #RootsTech 2019