Got Laundry?

got laundryProfessional genealogist Luana Darby, AG is a frequent traveler to Europe where she scours all the archives and libraries for her clients. We knew that she would be the perfect person to ask about her tips on what to do with the dirty laundry.

Luana likes to pack light, with just a rolling, carry-on bag and backpack that gets her where she needs to go quickly and easily. She color coordinates her clothes and brings these great tools that she shares with us on this video, to help her do her laundry in her hotel room.

Packing light makes it easier to navigate transportation on trains, taxis, and the small staircases in many hotels – it’s easier on your back too! 

Learn how to air your dirty laundry in this great video with Luana Darby.

Here are the non-affiliate links to the products Luana mentioned:

Laundry Soap Sheets



Thanks, Luana!

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