Speaker Spotlight: Sylvia Valentine& Workhouses

SylviaValentine on Workhouses.png

In this first of several interviews, Sylvia Valentine shares a tidbit of information about workhouses in the 19th century. She knows Valerie’s ancestors were housed in a workhouse, and that some touring will come into play as she visits England.

THE Genealogy Show is the 7 & 8th of June 2019 at the NEC National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England. On the 7th, Sylvia Valentine presents “Finding your way around Workhouse Records” and particularly recommends Peter Higgenbottom’s The History of the Workhouse website http://www.workhouses.org.uk

Sylvia’s particular areas of interest of are the records created by the introduction of the New Poor Law from 1834, including the records relating to compulsory smallpox vaccination. She has presented at numerous family history societies in the UK and spoken at national events in the USA and Canada in addition to the UK.

Sylvia is now a PhD candidate at the University of Dundee and she is researching Opposition to Compulsory Vaccination in Scotland 1864 – 1914.


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