Spotlight: The Photo Alchemist Competition

photoalchemist competition

The Photo Alchemist and THE Genealogy Show are combining forces to sponsor a competition. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Submit favorite photos in the category: portrait, couples shot, group shot
  2. State 2019 THE Genealogy Show ticket reference number in email.
  3. Submit to
  4. Deadline 8 April 2019.
  5. 15-18 April 2019 – Best five photographs released Monday through Thursday.
  6. 18 April – The Photo Alchemist chooses the best three photographs.
  7. 26 April 2019 – Winners announced, the competition ends.
  8. You can follow these updates with the hashtags: #ThePhotoAlchemistComp, #portrait, #couplesshot, #groupshot

THE Genealogy Show

The Photo Alchemist Competition Launch

Exhibitor Spotlight: Claudia D’Souza – The Photo Alchemist


Here’s where you’ll find us:

BLOG: Valerie and Myrt’s Excellent Genealogy Adventures




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